A “beautiful lawn” is a relative term, based on one’s commitment to practical maintenance and simple nutrition. Not every lawn will look like the fairways of Augusta National, but every lawn can look better, and all it takes is a call to Big Creek Outdoors. Remember, turf is a “living” organism, and all things living must be fed! In the spring our technicians can get your yard off to a fast and healthy start with an application to bring out color and establish a healthy root system. We will follow up periodically throughout the growing season to keep things in proper balance. In the fall, it’s very important to tuck your lawn in for the winter with another, different application to maintain color and sustain a healthy root system through the harshest of off-season weather. Our technicians are always at your disposal, regardless of the season, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!   

Our 6-Step fertilizer and weed control program


Our 6 Step Fertilizer Program

Big Creek's 6-step granular program is designed to give your lawn the look it deserves.  If you have any unwanted weeds pop up in between applications, just give us a call and we will send someone out to spot spray with in 24 hours. GUARANTEED.

Step #1 Early Spring (Feb/Mar)
Professional, slow release fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer. A vapor barrier is created at the soil level, controlling weeds before they appear. Broadleaf Weed control

Step #2 Mid Spring (Late March/April)
Granular Fertilizer, plus professional strength broad leaf herbicide.

Step #3 & 4  - Summer (June/July)
3rd application of professional, slow-release fertilizer.  Broadleaf Weed Control + Nutgrass control. 

Step #5 Fall (September)
Professional, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer helps turf recover from summer stress. Broadleaf Weed Control + Nutgrass Control

Step #6 Winter (Nov/Dec)
Winter fertilizer, high phosphorous and potash formula encourages root growth, drought and traffic tolerance as well as early spring green up. Broadleaf Weed Control



Periodically you should have the ph of your lawn checked.  If the ph is low, we will recommend lime to bring the ph up. When the ph gets below 6.5, lime should be applied. If ph is low there is a chance that some chemicals like nitrogen will not be utilized by the grass plant as intended. As a rule Lime should be applied to a lawn every 3 to 5 years. 

Grassy Weed Control
In rare cases (extremely wet or dry) Springs, your first round of pre-emergent my not be as effective as it would be in spring season where precipitation cooperates. in these rare seasons, you may experience some break through of crabgrass, foxtail etc. This application of herbicide will stunt or kill unsightly grassy weeds, including nut sedge (Watergrass).

Disease Control

In the Midwest, our summers high temperatures and high humidity levels provide the perfect breeding grounds for fungus. Once the grass is put under stress, it will likely show some damage from disease. We normally like to try and control disease through good cultural practices through proper mowing and watering. However we can apply a fungicide as a preventative or after the disease has shown up. 

White Grub Control

White Grubs have been the number one pest in lawns for many years. They feed on the roots of grass and you will only know you have them when you see the damage. Large areas of grass turn brown later in the year, generally August through October. If your lawn turns brown in irregular areas, grab hold of the grass and pull. If the grass pulls up like freshly laid sod, you should see the grubs there, and a treatment is necessary. At Big Creek Outdoors, this treatment is included in your 6 step program. It is billed along with Step #2 or #3, Depending on the season.  (the cost of this application is the same price as your normal application.)


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